Cannabis Seeds Our Customers Top 5 Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Our Customers Top 5 Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

The top 5 Cannabis Seeds Banks! 

If you want our customers top 5 cannabis seeds of all time in this blog you will find them here.  

Shopping for cannabis seeds has never been easier, shop your cannabis seeds today at Discount Cannabis Seeds. 

Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Female Seeds.  

Female Seeds tries to provide customers top quality seeds. It became a huge success because of the low-priced quality seeds concept. After harvesting, seeds are subjected to a strict test, which can guarantee that 99% of seeds gives rise to female plants when grown under the right circs. 

The cannabis seeds are produced in a protective environment and are kept refrigerated and under controlled humidity for optimum freshness.  

The cannabis seeds are packed in sealed seed packs coated with a special foil in which the seeds are not visible for protecting the seeds from destructive light. It preserves their pullulation's ability if possible. 

Reviews of Female Seeds Strain.  

Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds.  

Wow! I've never considered myself to have a refined sense of anything...but the smell of sweet grapefruit from these C99's cannabis seeds is undeniable! They grew in a pattern i associate with sativa strains...long and willowy. Their smoke is pretty in line with that also, mellow but uplifting, not overwhelmingly long lasting, so a perfect daytime or early evening strain. 

C99 cannabis seeds is an amazing sativa strain with amazing smell, taste and smell for me this plant takes first place.  

I never thought cannabis could have smell like C99 cannabis seeds, it's just magic. since it has a freshly chopped smell of pineapple, magic doubles if you smoke through a vaporizer, why do I need a tropical cocktail if I have C99 cannabis seeds, it's really a golden grail, you can smoke C99 at least during the day, or night, not matter, C99 cannabis seeds a medical sativa, as it contains enough CBD, 

C99 cannabis seeds came out pretty darn good despite the difficulties what I could keep had two phenos in it, one tropical-fruity and citrussy, one was woody and lemony.  

The cannabis seeds plant itself was grown with three weeks' veg, the seedling sprouted really quick, i had one seed with two seedlings in it, separated them at birth grew them both out, one was kind of runted though then it died like a couple weeks before the chop which came in record time. 

This was another grapefruit phenotype, but it smells much more strongly of it. The high is amazing. I harvested before many trichomes had turned amber, so the high is strong and comes on with a rush. It is very visually trippy, as I watched my back-yard roll gently up and down like a mild ocean. 

There is a gentle pressure in the eyes and forehead, and I get chatty. Great for lowering inhibitions. 

Reviews of Female Seeds Seedbank.  

Germinated first 3 with no problems, would recommend and shall buy again. 

They all germinated quickly and are turning into lovely looking plants already. Highly recommend this company. 

Anyways the seeds are high quality. Have not been disappointed one bit. 

I always use female seeds and can't explain my happiness. So do not think and work with female seeds. They are the best! 

Bang on! Got top quality seeds, all have sprouted so far and looking healthy. 

Female Seeds are a top seed bank, and we sell their incredible strains at Discount Cannabis Seeds so head over to our cannabis seeds store and purchase yours today.  

Seed Stockers.  

Seed Stockers is a breeder from Spain that produces the best of the Spanish and Dutch cannabis seeds. It has the high-quality Dutch Passion inheritance.  The company uses the prize-winning genetics from the famous breeders.  

The result product is a top-quality cannabis with attractive price. 

Review of Seed Stockers.  

Sticky Fingers Auto cannabis seeds.  

This lady is HUGE I never expected her to get so big. for the last 2 weeks she's been top heavy, hanging all over. I managed to keep her upright using plant tie, but she fell the other way! Branches have slowly been snapping off as them just too heavy. Today the top half of the stem went so I've taking her down. I would recommend to anyone.  

Sticky Fingers Auto Beautiful buds lovely and sticky, can see why she got her name. 

Reviews of Seed Stockers.  

I had northern lights orange skunk Ryder amnesia and critical XXL in my pack before they went mixed without a doubt these are the biggest autos I have grown outside in a Polly tunnel I would grow them out again that's for sure thanks seed stockers. 

there are many varieties, and it is easy to grow. 100% germination rate. also, its super cool to test out some strains and if you want to surprise yourself. 

All in all, a nice batch for the price! 
A recommendation for those who like to take a guess what they get and want to try auto flowers. 

Seed Stockers are available at Discount Cannabis Seeds to buy today so head over and shop now.   


Fast Buds was founded in 2010. The company has presence in the States and Europe. Fast Buds has years of experience, productive work and close cooperation with some of the best growers.  

The basic goal is to produce the most trendy and great genetics that California can offer and introduce to growers in auto flower form without compromising quality for the sake of quantity. Fast Buds carefully selects the auto flowering genetics that it considers to be the most promising in existence.   

The company offers and continues to innovate products. Fast Buds product line offers exotic-looking strains. Fast Buds maintains the industry connections in California so that it can bring you the best that the Golden State can offer in auto flowering form! 

Reviews of FastBuds Strain.  

Stardawg cannabis seeds.  

This was an awesome cannabis seeds strain to smoke, harvest was okays. I think I got very indica type growing phenotype on this one. Easy to grow, very recommendable for beginners.  

Because of her phenotype the LST-training did not do so much as with other plants I've grown so far. She's a real stinker though, good think it's smells good. Diesel deliciousness complemented with hint of citrus. High is nice, since for sativa leaning high it doesn't cause any sort of anxiety even when smoked a lot. 

Stardawg cannabis seeds is the bee's knees! they performed well and took it to new heights for this guy. they have a piney diesel smell which mellowed out quite bit but is coming back in the cure., I loved these girls so much that I did a potshot for them with my dslr camera. I recommend this plant to newbies and professionals alike. You can't go wrong with this strain. It's very stable and the phone is consistent.   
A heavy hitter. I wouldn't say it's a nighttime or daytime strain it's kind of right there in the middle nice uplifting euphoric high. Buds are full of trichomes and resin. The terpenes came through nice and has a piney earthy undertone with a hint of gas. 

Reviews of FastBuds seedbank.  

Excellent quality products grown outside in the UK Garden no problems fast and beautiful flowers plenty to smoke!!! 

powerful and interesting auto-flowers. Have interesting terpene profiles and have good strains. Now they have original auto flower seed and one critical is going awesome. 

10 out of ten popped, strong genetics, love it. 

Wow the taste of all the seed can't wait to taste them all. 

fast blooming. Great genetics. All girls germinated and transplanted in 3l pots. Looking healthy. Thanx guys and keep on what you're doing. 

Fastbuds have a huge range of fantastic strains which can bought from us today at Discount Cannabis Seeds. 

Garden of Green.  

When you need to disappear into the couch for hours of Netflix and chill there's nothing better than indica cannabis strains. Garden of Green, at Discount Cannabis Seeds offer an extensive selection of feminised indica cannabis seeds. Each strain is naturally feminised with plant hormones and light altering techniques. 

Garden of Green's feminised cannabis seeds sativa line offers awe-inspiring genetics in a tiny package. Each sativa strain carries the feminized trait, which means you'll never find a male in your garden. Sativa cannabis seeds open the door to unstoppable energy, focus, and creativity.  

Whether you need to bump up your socializing skills or get past a severe case of writer's block, sativa genetics is precisely what the doctor prescribed. 

When you don't have a minute to spare, Garden of Green auto flowering seeds will have you swimming in bud in no time.  

At Garden of Green, they pride themselves on curated selection of auto flowering seeds. Choose between auto flowering seeds that feature massive resin potential, sky-high THC, delicious terpenes, and stable genetics all within an ultra-fast finishing time. 

Blue Dream cannabis seeds.  

Reviews of Blue Dream cannabis seeds.  

Firstly, I recommend that you are planning to grow Blue Dream strain don’t think any more go on growing it! This is a very strong and tough strain. I let the light 18/6 for the veg stage and 12/12 for the bloom stage. 

 The aroma is strong, the smell is lemon, my bedroom is extremely fragrant, I will plant it again, as the result of this time is not as expected, it mistaken for moisture / temperature and light. But I don’t worry, I’ll fix it next time. 

Smell was strong from early veg and transitioned from musky, to blueberry muffin, to bubble gummy, to fruity and floral, almost like a berry herbal tea. The high made me very chatty and reflective. All in all, a very good strain and a very easy strain to grow. 

Reviews of Garden of Green.  

Amazing cannabis strains. Fantastic prices when bought from DCS! Will be using every time.  

Very easy to grow strains which as I am a first time grower, I needed it to be simple and it was! Great tasting weed i now have.  

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we have incredible offers on Garden of Green which is until stocks last which is an offer you can’t refuse so head over to our store and take a look!  

I hope you enjoyed my blog on Discount Cannabis Seeds top 5 cannabis seed banks and you start your cannabis journey with us today.  


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