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Buddha Seeds Cannabis Seeds Review. 

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Here is more about Buddha Seeds.  

Buddha Seed is an auto-flowering strain specialist from Spain. They are known for being among the first to bring auto-flowering cannabis seeds to the populace. They produce fewer strains of these dwarf pot varieties but have an excellent reputation for stable growing and solid harvests due to the focus being on quality over quantity.  

Their hybridisation projects are also respected, known to smartly use the special characteristics of each strain to fix the phenotype they desire from generation to generation.  

Specialising in the growth and maintenance of auto flowering dwarf strains, Buddha Seeds has perfected regular and feminised cannabis seeds versions of both their auto flowering marijuana seeds. 

Buddha Seed built reputation on the quality of their products. Now it is a recognised seed bank worldwide and has a prestigious award at Spannabis 2014.  

In this blog you will find great auto flowering cannabis seeds reviews, photos and info on the cannabis seeds you will be buying.  

Medikit Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Medikit Auto Cannabis Seeds is the auto flowering version of our medicinal variety Medikit, perfect for those who need early harvests and a plant rich in pure CBD with hardly any THC. It stands out for being a variety easy to take care of, with sweet aromas and pleasant effects. 

Reviews of Medikit Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

A wonderful indica full of sugar, I finally decided to turn it and Solomatic, which I already have, dry into a medicinal oil. 

Second time I planted this strain and became too same conclusion. This strain is raw and powerful. Outcome is amazing. Buds are full of oil and sugar. Structure of flower is very robust. Smoke is heavy body oriented, with no psycho effect. I recommend this strain as CBD Auto No. 1. 
Giving 9 stars because surprise me a lot. Strong thick strain. Smell not so fresh, but little bit like butter. If You want some raw, this is it. Smoke knocks me down, even it is "pure" CBD one. Good for the movie in the evening, for sleeping and everywhere, where You can safely chill. 
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Deimos Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Deimos is an indica dominant strain based on the genetics of famous Northern Lights. This auto flowering hybrid is the result of many years of selection.  

The plant develops big sized, branchy structure with good width and high. It has a lot of side branches and strong central cola. The Cannabis Seeds produces hard buds and suits both for indoors and outdoors. It is harvested in 9 weeks from seedlings. 

Deimos Cannabis Seeds provides classical taste with sweet, pungent notes. The indica effect is strong and perfect for relaxation, meditation, and introspection. It also has a medical use. 

Reviews of Deimos Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

The flavour is a mix of flowery green to earthy lemon taste and is extremely enjoyable to smoke. 
It is more of a stoner weed, but at a good ratio between the THC and CBD - it makes you happy and mellow, everything is a bit funnier, and the body high is just perfect. 
This is a strain to try at least once, but it is not good for mass growing or if you expect huge yields. Even in perfect conditions this plant's genetics will not give you a good crop. 

really interesting genetics, nice smoke and enjoyable high, overall, I would say good production for autos, and a nice frost (trichome formation) 
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Buddha Purple Kush Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

Buddha Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds is the new auto flowering variety in the Buddha seeds collection. It comes from Hindu Kush Hills. This feminised hybrid Cannabis Seeds provides indica effect, wonderful colours, and rich aroma. 

The plant demonstrates energetic growth and amazing, beautiful purple colours during the bloom. 

 It has compact size and fast flowering. The plant is harvested after 9-10 weeks from germination. It is excellent choice for eager growers. The strain is ideal both for indoor and outdoor cultivations. 

The smoke brings intense and unique taste and aroma. It has very narcotic buzz and delivers deep relaxation. 

Reviews of Buddha Purple Kush Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

Beautiful strain with amazing colours, smell, and taste. 100% recommended, I will make another run of Purple Kush for sure. 

First smoked late night, an hour or 2 before bed. Effects are fast but gentle and light initially. Immediate euphoric feeling, incredibly happy! Soon followed by being spaced and couch locked. Mellows out to a nice warm glow and perfect for relaxing or getting to sleep. 
Smokes smooth and has a beautiful taste of Lavender and herbs. Buds feel slightly too dry on the outside, but after grinding they hold their moisture on the inside. 
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Magnum Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Magnum Cannabis Seeds is one of the most powerful and productive auto flowering strains in the Buddha Seeds collection.  

It is the result of the crossing between potent and productive strains that provide energetic growth, branchy structure with dense buds. It has generous size, so it is recommended to reduce space to control height. The plant develops full height outside. The time from germination to harvest takes 11-12 weeks. 

The smoke delivers fresh, pungent tastes and aromas and provides strong cerebral and giggly high. 

Reviews of Magnum Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

One girl of three, for some reason, forced her to complete her life cycle earlier than her sisters by a week. I had to cut it down earlier. The other two girls gained weight well. I decarboxylated a couple of buds to try the effects. Cerebral, sativa effects. The rise of strength and mood. 

Easy strain, very resilient. have not tried it yet. I had to harvest earlier. 23 grams from 1.8 L pot, its ok for me I just wanted to try it, I am overly sensitive to Sativa's.  
Magnum grew nicely and smoothly all the time. I had it in a large flowerpot, so I expected it to be a bit bigger, but it does not matter. The sticks are nice. I am curious about the taste and effects; it should be more sativa. 

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Syrup Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Syrup Cannabis Seeds is an indica dominant auto flowering hybrid with pleasant, sweet flavours and amazing potency.  

The plant has good and fast growth. It is ideal for SOG and indoor growing. Strain also suits for cultivation outdoor, on terraces and balconies.  

Syrup Cannabis Seeds provides a fruity taste with notes of ginger and elderberry. The dense, rich smoke brings almost narcotic buzz that is also has a medical use. It is excellent choice for real gourmets. 

Reviews of Syrup Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

Rain forecast tomorrow, and I am not risking keeping her another week. Humidity could get high. 
Enjoyed growing this, and she is produced very well for her size considering all she went through. 
Very strong smell. Lemony, IPA sort of smell. Nice. 
Her buds have a nice mauve tint. Which is far more pronounced on the sides of the bud that got the lightest. A suntan effect. 

Beautiful strain that really delivers some incredible flavours and tastes. Clear recommendation to anyone who likes a lot of trichomes and sweet strains. 

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Vesta Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Vesta Cannabis Seeds is a new auto flowering variety in Buddha Seeds collection. This indica dominant strain based on the genetics from Europa and America. It demonstrates vigorous growth and high resistant. 

This is generous size plant with high resistance to mould and diseases, so it is ideal both for indoors and outdoors even in adverse climate condition.  

The strain develops a lot of branches and strong central cola. It is easy to grow for beginners and for masters.  

The flowering cycle takes 75 days from germination. And the harvest brings decent yields of resinous, round, fragrant buds. 

The citrus taste has notes of grapefruits and mandarins, with acid hints inherited from the American mother. The smoke brings intense effect of enjoyable relaxation. The strain also has a medical use. 

Reviews of Vesta Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

Excellent strain, extremely sticky, beautiful taste. 

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