Cannabis Seeds Review - Green House Seeds.

GreenHouse Seeds Cannabis Seeds Review - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds review of Green House Seeds.

Have you ever wanted to start your own cannabis seeds garden? Well, what better to start your gardening dreams than with Green House Seeds. 

At DCS we offer spectacular cannabis seeds by Green House Seeds that will give you the ultimate cannabis growing experience.  

In this blog you will find fantastic reviews, growing advice and the result of what your weed could look like if grown.  

Enter the world of cannabis seeds growing with Discount Cannabis Seeds and Green House Seeds.  

Green House Seed Company is a leader in the global seed market and the most successful cannabis seeds business in the world. 

 This company has many international awards for cannabis seeds, including 38 prizes Championship High times Cannabis Cups, as well as 17 awards at Highlife Cups. Green House Seed Company genetics are the result of years of intensive breeding.  

All cannabis seeds have exceptional medicinal as well as recreational properties, as well as terpene profiles guaranteeing unique aromas and Flavours. Green House Company was created in 1985 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since this time, the company has expanded and has entered the market with other products. 

 From the jungles of Africa to Asia plains and mountain ranges in South America, a group of people named as "hemp hunters» (strain hunters) has a special mission: to find and to bring people the most interesting varieties of cannabis, earlier inaccessible to man because of the isolation of their habitat. 

If you want award winning cannabis seeds, then read this blog and you will be blown away with the results! 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Super Lemon Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Super Lemon Haze Auto is an auto flowering release of the original Super Lemon Haze. Super lemon Haze and Ruderalis were crossed to create it. 

The flowering times takes 9 weeks from germination and plant produces 500 gr/m2 indoors or 70-80 gr/plant outdoors.  

The plant grows up 80-100 cm tall and develops a good branching structure. 

The smoke provides a complex sativa effect like its mother Super Lemon Haze. The high comes instantly and brings a light body-stoned together with a clear cerebral action. 

Reviews of Super Lemon Haze Auto.  

I give it 10 out of 10 though she is not heavy yielder. Aroma is the thing here. I wanted that legendary sweet lemon taste from the world's best breeder. 

Strong genetics make this Amazing Strain quite Easy to Grow. 

Was an exciting journey got a little greedy popping seeds beginning year so did not manage give these ladies as much love as normal however I got a top shelf quality so cannot complain. Really amazing taste and so sticky. 

Super Lemon Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Super Lemon Haze is a winner of the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain is based on Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze genetics. 

The plant develops typical Christmas tree shape, sativa leaves and dense buds. It has long and wide branches that need support. It suits for indoors as well as for outdoors.  

The flowering time is 9-10 weeks with a production up to 800 gr/m2 indoors. The plant is good for ScrOG or LST. The harvest comes by mid-October with yields 1200 gr/plant outdoors.  

The strain offers incredibly rich taste of lemon, lime and pink grapefruit with earthy and musky haze aftertaste and hints of incense and black pepper.  

The balanced effect comes fast like an indica feeling and then turns into a social and creative high. It also has a medical use against a pain and for appetite stimulation. 

Reviews of Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Seeds.

Legendary Super Lemon Haze. Super citrus smell and taste. Super Sativa! 

Super Lemon Haze very amazing plant, grew without any problems, suitable for beginners. 
Super Lemon Haze have an extraordinarily strong fresh, and sour flavour smell, as well as pine, and like old school Haze smell, very amazing smell) 
The effect is strong long lasting sativa dominant, my favourite, everything you do becomes joyful, energetically, but very psychedelic, different thoughts in the head and plans, there are a lot of them, and it is difficult to concentrate attention. Takes effect over time, long lasting, no have other side effects. I love this strain, still grow again. 

Easy to grow, smells amazing, high is amazing. I cannot really complain about this plant strain or it is breeder. Rock solid dense buds. A Cup winning smoke! 

The super lemon haze from green house. One of my favourite strains. She was quite easy to handle. Although she enjoys a lower EC during veg and too many nutrients are a nod for this plant. So, take it easy. The aroma she produces are simply citrus. Lemony. incredibly beautiful plant. Amazing to smoke. Very tasty! 

Cannabis Seeds Review - Green House Seeds

Franco's Lemon Cheese Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Franco's Lemon Cheese is a well-balanced, sativa-dominant strain that based on the crossing between Super Lemon Haze and Exodus Cheese. 

The plant develops a medium-sized structure with wide and long branches that need support. It is ideal for LST and SCRoG techniques.  

The harvest comes after 9-11 weeks of flowering and brings impressive yields of 750gr/m2 indoors and up to 1000gr/plant outdoors. Equatorial, tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates are the best for outside growing. 

The smoke brings unforgettable tastes of citrus and cheese and energetic, social effects. Franco's Lemon Cheese is a good remedy for pain relieve and appetite stimulation. 

Reviews of Franco’s Lemon Cheese Cannabis Seeds.  

Extremely hard bud smells fruity skunk. 
Easy grow and very resistant plant. 
I recommend that top quality strain. 

She has very sticky buds. buds are not heavy, but they are a lot. easy for growing, effect is great, two or three puffs out of joint and you are in the sky. 

A warm wave rolls over the mind, uplifting the mood and washing away worries. Only slightly sativa dominant and being more of a hybrid high, you can be relaxed while productive, although this high seems better suited for play than work. 

Nice strain, disease resistant indeed. Buds looks friable after drying, they are not. When you put them into the grinder you will understand how dense they are inside. Pretty nice hybrid, balanced. No sick couch locks. 

Wow - This is the best tasting weed I have grown so far, sweet, lemony, very potent, very relaxing, I still feel mentally active, I might play some Xbox, or listen to some music. 

Banana Krumble Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Banana Krumble is one of GreenHouse Seeds latest additions to the catalogue for 2020. 
They selected the Banana Punch for its smell and flavour of overripe bananas and cinnamon and crossed it with our selected OG Kush to bring back the gassy fuel like flavour. 
Banana Krumble grows noticeably short with thick, overlapping fingers and only starts to stretch in late veg and early flower. It can take moderate to high feedings and produces medium high yields. The compact buds will need support during the last weeks of flowering. 
Buds are dense and covered in resin, making it an ideal strain for extractions. 
The effect is extraordinarily strong on the body and long lasting, making Banana Krumble the ideal nightcap strain. 

Reviews of Banana Krumble Feminised.  

Must give massive thanks to Green House for the opportunity to work with their products. This was a prize. 
Banana krumble turned out amazing and the nuits are bang on for what expect from bio soil nuits. Will use more of it in the future. 

I want to say that this is the first such large tree in my experience of growing marijuana, I did not expect such a large growth and such a huge amount of harvest, I will plant this variety again, the effect of the cone is amazing, it is very tasty, pleasant smelling and gives the maximum good mood and relaxation, strong effect, a neighbour came to me for a test and ran away pale home.  

this was a good grow, she was an easy plant and just loved to suck up my gamma rays, she is a nice and sticky girl that towards the end, really puts out, 
she is an easy strain for novices to experts and everywhere in between. she gets real fat buds covered in trichomes that have an incredibly soft gas cream smell that takes you away. 
she sooths your body in her nice happy Indica high. She smokes smooth and gets you a happy stone, 
the buds towards the end will get colour and she will take you to a faraway place, 
you will inhale her sweet soft smoke, that is not harsh at all. smooth cream that gets you a nice high that is not overwhelming but more of a 
mellow high that can be smoked anytime alone or with friends. you will harvest a lot with extraordinarily little effort and with the extra you should share with your friends. 

It is a great indica high, perfect for bedtime but can also be used to chill with friends at home or someplace comfortable. One of the best highs I have had in a while. worth it. Be prepared to get your hands very sticky. 

1 incredible sweet tasting pheno with a Kush background. Pure tropical smell. Love it. 
#2 sweet smelling but more Kush in the taste. 
#3 and #4 are completely OG, smell and taste are much more on the Woody side. But still Top Shelf quality friends.  

The Church Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

The Church is a feminised auto flowering strain that the result of the crossing between Swiss sativa, Super Skunk and Northern Lights. It consists of 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics and has a high THC content of about 20%. 

The flowering takes 8 weeks with a yield up to 800 gr/m2 indoors. The Church is an excellent choice for SCRoG or LST. The plant has a very bushy structure.  

It suits for outdoors and for humid areas due its mould-resistance. The harvest comes at the end of September with yields up to 900 gr/plant outdoors. 

The smoke provides a heavy indica effect that turns into in a long lasting cerebral high. It is an overly complex and social. 

Reviews of The Church Auto.  

This strain grows fast on vegetation period, leaves are long and extremely comfortable for branching development...she can eat a lot of organic nutrients without any overdose!) Flowering may take a while (11-12 weeks), buds are noticeably big and solid, really looks like domes) Smell is awesome and full of sweetness, with hint of pine and bit skunk flavour. 

Effects of smoking this strain are an intense body and head high that can last for hours, which is a logical expectation when considering the strong parentage in The Church. 

Great strain, very potent, wish I did not mess up in the flower stage and had a better yield. The high hits instantly and is intense for about 20-30 minutes. Too intense if you are a lightweight. It tapers off nice and peacefully though. The smell and taste of this pheno is liquorice with a berry/fruity inhale and caramel on the exhale. 

Big Bang Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Big Bang Auto is the auto flowering release of the original Big Bang. It is based on Skunk, Northern Light, El Niño and Ruderalis genetics  

It is very easy-to-grow plant, with a medium size and high yields. The flowering cycle is amazingly short only 6 weeks. The plant reaches to 60-100 cm and suits both for indoor and outdoor cultivations.  

And the yields are great and reach to 900 gr/m2 indoors or 45gr/plant outdoors. Big Bang Auto is an excellent choice for novice growers.  

The strain provides relaxing and calming effect. It has a medical use against pain and anorexia. 

Reviews of Big Bang Auto. 

This plant is a hell of a beast! Double topping went amazing for the plant! Grows some fat nuggets but that is its Achilles kneel. The fat nugs provide safe house for many insects which love this plant as much as I do. Caterpillars did some damage but minor damage. 

Night-time stuff or anytime you really want to chill out and relax! smooth smoke and great taste! 

Cannabis Seeds Review - Green House Seeds

Bubba Slush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Bubba Kush being a classic from California and Gelato being the new kid on the block that quickly became the people’s favourite, not only in the USA but all over the world.  

GreenHouse Seeds crossed the original pre ‘98 Bubba Kush with a reversed Gelato, which we selected in our giant pheno hunt during the last years. 
The outcome of this cross is the best of both worlds, creating one of the sweetest strains ever produced. Combining heavy, dark chocolate and almost coffee flavours of the Bubba Kush with gassy creaminess of the Gelato. 
The plant grows short and bushy with massive leaves and overlapping fingers. 

Buds are very dense and round, covered in thick trichomes. 
It can show amazing colours towards the end of the flowering period of around 9 weeks. 

The effect is heavy on the body, while keeping the mind clear. 

Reviews of Bubba Slush Feminised.  

Nice tropical smell and taste.... big dense buds 
perfect for training 
interesting strain. 

wonderful strain with beautiful buds with stunning colours completely loaded with big fat trichomes. both plants grew very vigorously without blockages or any kind of stress. strain extremely easy to grow and very resistant to moisture. Harvested one plant with 79 days and the other with 80 days of flowering. good week to all growmies. 

Bubba slush undoubtedly impressed me, sweet and creamy smell, slightly fruity, aroma of coffee in the air ...! mixture of sativa and indicates body high! good to relax chatting and watching a movie! 

This stuff is quite strong, just like the majority of what I smoke. This weed gives me a bit similar high like with the calli-bags. Taste is awesome, berry, lemon, and diesel. 

Growing this strain from Greenhouse seed co. has changed my vision completely, besides, it being an awesome smoke, it has superfast germination, narrow internode spacing on the branches, vigorous growth with as result a big plant with more than decent yield. 

Green House is one of the top banks and brand currently so you cannot go wrong when you grow one of their seeds. Germinate every time, very stable, you have no surprise.  

The bubba slush makes no exception. She was amazingly easy to grow even into micro grow's condition and still gave me the best result, an extraordinarily strong smell, deep and round almost dark creamy if it makes sense. Extraordinarily strong Indica, use it after a long day for resting your body and soul. 243gr before drying I can expect around 60gr of dry bud. 

Cannabis Seeds Review - Green House Seeds

Lemon Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Lemon Skunk is a well-known strain that based on the original Skunk and Citrali genetics. This is an updated version of old school Skunk. The strain has a high THC content that is about 20% 

The plant does not need an exceptional care. It is a medium plant with a maximum height of 120-150 cm. The plant can produce a strong smell therefore it is recommended to use filters.  

The flowering period takes 8 weeks, and the yields reach 800 gr/m2. The plant suits for SCRoG or LST. 

This super powerful plant provides a sweet and sharp lemon aftertaste and potent lethargic effect. Smoking has an exceptionally smooth citrus flavour and a complex effect, that is good balanced and long-lasting 

Reviews of Lemon Skunk.  


The more I grow this strain from the original seed and do me on and on cloning, I realize how great this strain is...reacts super to topping LST,outdoor performance is huge-indoor is above average, effects are mild enough to keep you in between chilled and giggly energetic. I see that a year now with same clones and its is getting better from cycle to room was not ventilated well and found a few little spots of rot on my other strains...but this was amazingly resistant. 

Happy relaxing high, that ends with a nice sleepy feeling, perfect for late evening or night-time, but you can overgo the sleepy feeling easily. 

Cannabis Seeds Review - Green House Seeds

White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

White Widow is the feminised indica dominant strain that is based on the cross between Brazilian and South Indian genetics. It contains 40% sativa and 60% indica. 

The flowering cycle takes 8-9 weeks with a yield of 800 gr/m2 indoors and to 900 gr/plant outdoors. The plant demonstrates superior results using ScrOG. It also has a great mould resistance. 

The plant provides a complex long-lasting effect comes instantly like relaxing indica feeling and then turns into explosive sativa high.  

Reviews of White Widow Feminised.  

this is the white widow I remember sweet and earthy covered in white creamy trichs makes the bud look pale and a nice strong relaxing smoke bud structure is not the densest but not too airy would recommend to newbies and people who like a tasty old-school strain. every smoker should try this at least once 
smoke 9/10 
high 9/10 
density 10/10 
growth 9/10. 

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Jack Herer Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Jack Herer Auto is a feminised auto flowering release of the famous Jack Herer. It is the result of the combining of Jack Herer and Ruderalis genetics. 

The plant suits for cultivations outdoors, indoors and in greenhouses. It develops a strong structure and long branches. The height reaches to 80-100 cm.  

The time from germination to harvest takes 9 weeks. The yields reach to 700 gr/m2 indoors and to 80-100 gr/plant outdoors. It is recommended the photoperiod of 12-18 hours of light per day. The plant can grow in any season provided a temperature is not under 10° C.  

The strain offers good balanced, strong, and long-lasting effect of "body-stoned" and "head-high". 

Reviews of Jack Herer Auto.  

Cannabis Seeds Review - Green House Seeds.

That was my first grow. Did not grow cannabis before but this is feels amazing. I learn a lot of thing while I am growing. Big thanks to Greenhouse for this beautiful genetic! 

Good structure and dense buds. 

Sweet Mango Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Sweet Mango Auto is a feminised auto flowering strain with a rich fruity aroma and a very fast-growing cycle. It is based on the crossing between Mango and Big Bang Auto. 

The plant is an extraordinarily strong and has a long branching. It grows up to 70-100 cm tall. The 9 weeks from seedlings to harvest produce yield up to 700 gr/m2 indoors.  

The plant also suits for outdoors and brings to 60-80 gr/plant. In this case you can grow it in any climate zone while the temperature is above 10 C. 

The strain provides a long lasting and very stoned effect. The aroma and taste are fruity and sour. 

Reviews of Sweet Mango Auto.  

exceptionally smooth smoke, really enjoy this strain! 
Great Weed!! 

It is a 10 star from me. A must try for any cannabis lover.  

Cannabis Seeds Review - Green House Seeds.

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