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We've teamed up with the guys from Dutch Passion to bring you an amazing offer.

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Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion cannabis strains included in this offer are:

Auto Daiquiri Lime Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Auto Daiquiri Lime is one of the three new American Auto flowering cannabis seeds, the other two are AutoColorado Cookies and AutoBrooklyn Sunrise.

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Californian Orange Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion Californian Orange is a traditional Californian hybrid dates back to the “hippy” era but is still sought after today.

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CBD Auto White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds

CBD Auto White Widow uses the original Dutch Passion Auto White Widow crossed with CBD Sweet and Sour Widow by The CBD Crew to create a 1:1 THC:CBD variety.

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CBD ComPassion Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion ComPassion is a Sativa dominant CBD-rich variety made by crossing a Nepalese strain with an un-named Sativa.

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CBD Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion's CBD Kush is a cannabis strain produced in co-operation with the CBD Crew, it's a CBD rich variety with an approximate 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, tests have shown CBD levels of up to 7% with a similar quantity of THC.

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CBD Skunk Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds

In order to produce cannabis seeds rich in the cannabinoid CBD, Dutch Passion started working with the CBD Crew to create a strain that had a ratio of 1:1 THC and CBD, CBD Skunk Haze is the result with levels of THC and CBD both at 5%.

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Desfran Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion's Desfrán is a legendary variety in South America and a multiple prize winner of many cannabis cups, it's 100% Sativa so she can grow very tall and develops long branches which can dominate the airspace/grow room in no time.

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Frisian Duck Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion Frisian Duck grows with unusually shaped leaves which look like a ducks footprint making it difficult to identify as traditional cannabis and ideal for outdoor and greenhouse growing in populated areas.

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Forest Dream Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion Forest Dream is suited for outdoor, greenhouse and indoor growing where she grows fast, develops lots of side branches and generates heavy yields.

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Freddy's Best Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Freddy was one of Dutch Passions original ‘Masters At Work’, Freddy’s Best was his last variety and it is one for the Sativa lovers, it's a combination of Chocolope, Dutch Haze and other Sativa/Haze genetics.

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Jorge’s Diamond #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Jorge’s Diamonds #1 is one of Dutch Passion’s best and most consistent varieties, a premium hybrid which produces resin-crusted highly potent buds, good yields and a fruit sweet aroma.

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Mazar Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion Mazar was created from Afghan and pure Skunk #1, this prize winner is best grown indoors and with its strong THC content will give a cerebral high and stoned relaxing feeling.

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Night Queen Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Night Queen is a great Afghani Indica that has a great hash aroma when smoked, delivering a hard hitting, heavy body stone which will delight the true hard core stoners.

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Pamir Gold Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion Pamir Gold originated in the western Himalayas of Tajikistan and was adapted to the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps during several years of selective breeding.


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Passion #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion Passion #1 is probably one of the best outdoor plants available, it’s almost 100% Indica, easy to grow, has a flowering time of just 6 weeks and produces substantial yields

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Passion Fruit Feminised Cannabis Seeds

This superb Feminised clone came from a beautiful Sweet Pink Grapefruit mother and when sampling the end product of this fruity genetic, the smell and taste of this strain is something else.

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Outlaw Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Outlaw is a high quality Haze dominant Sativa cannabis plant and is a cross of Super Haze and Amnesia, it produces excellent yields and THC and has a strong, fresh and Hazey taste.

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Snow Bud Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Snow Bud is Dutch Passion's second “High Altitude” variety, it's a hybrid of Afghani and South African genetics and has a spicy, cinnamon, skunky smell and taste, smokes very smooth and has a medium “up high”.

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The Edge Feminised Cannabis Seeds

If you’re a fan of strong old-school Skunk varieties with bumper harvests then The Edge is a perfect choice, it's Sativa dominant variety that delivers heavy harvests of top quality cannabis with a strong Shiva aroma.

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The Ultimate Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion The Ultimate was bred to create an ideal combination of both heavy yields and top quality cannabis and it does not disappoint.

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Think Fast Feminised Cannabis Seeds

From the best-selling Think Different Auto and the legendary Power Plant, Dutch Passion have created a non AutoFlowering version, the all new Think Fast and as the name suggests grows bigger and taller very fast, ready in just 8 weeks.

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White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion White Widow is a classic, winner of so many awards and a reputation for being one of the most powerful cannabis strains created resulting in an intense hybrid vigour along with a monster stone

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These Dutch Passion cannabis strains are available with a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Offer from Discount Cannabis Seeds.

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