Let’s Eat & Drink – Cannabis

Cannabis Cake

The most favoured way of using Cannabis is to smoke it as this is a very effective way of getting any drug into the body. The THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) passes through the lungs into the bloodstream and then to the central nervous system.

Whilst smoking is popular, eating and drinking cannabis is on the rise. Herbal or resin cannabis can be eaten on its own although it is more often used as an ingredient in cooking to make pies, stews, pizzas, cakes, biscuits and sweets. From Marijuana Tea to Cannabis Infused Cocktails there’s lots of choice for your drinking pleasure.

Eating Cannabis

There are many Cannabis cook books now available including:

  • Cooking with Marijuana: Mega Munch Recipes by Sean Riley
  • Cooking with Marijuana: Interesting, Delicious and Easy Recipes you can make with the Magical Herb by Gordon Rock

Of course the internet is a great source of ideas for cannabis loving cooks and the following websites have all the information you need:

www.originalweedrecipes.com For a Mexican treat try the Pot Tacos and Weed Quesadillas

www.eatyourcannabis.com Try the Blueberry Cannabis Muffins

Many recipes use Cannabutter which is used as a substitute for butter, it’s a good idea to perfect your Cannabutter and its strength/effects before starting to cook.

There is also lots of Cannabis confectionery available, Cannabis laced sweets referred to as “Fun Candy”.

Drinking Cannabis

Taking Cannabis through drinking gets the THC onto the bloodstream via the stomach which is much slower than smoking but once the THC has reached the bloodstream the effects are much the same.

Drinks such as herbal teas are simply made by infusing herbal cannabis in boiling water, the potency is low as the THC does not dissolve in water. The drinker will only ingest the THC which is suspended in the water.

Cannabis mixed with a spirit alcohol can produce a very potent Cocktail. Allowing the THC to dissolve in the alcohol takes several days but produces a drink with the combined effects of alcohol and Cannabis.

Cannabis infused Vodka (often known as Green Dragon) is a great base for Cocktails. For Marijuana Mixology at its best, check our Warren Bobrow’s book Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics.