Vision Seeds Cannabis Seeds Reviews - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Vision Seeds Strain Reviews - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Review, whether you are wanting feminised or auto flowering cannabis seeds, Vision Seeds have the cannabis seeds for you. In this blog you will find some incredible cannabis strains available to buy from Discount Cannabis Seeds today.  

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we ship to the UK, Europe, and the USA so, you can buy your cannabis seeds at the cheapest prices and top notch weed seeds to get your fingers green! 

Vision Seeds is the result of one man’s passion for cannabis growing. Danny B. founded the company about 15 years ago. This breeder became popular among the professional as well as the recreational growers. The company produces top-quality genetics and provides a wide line of cannabis strain.  

The seedbank entered a new phase of development its collection after the summer of ’99 when Herbal Harald got in the Vision Team. Vision Seeds uses the best world genetics, selects the best properties, tastes, effects, appearance. Vision Seeds officially introduced all its 100% feminized seeds” at Cannafest 2010 for the first time. 

DISCOUNT CANNABIS SEEDSThe Vision Seeds collection contains seventeen strains of which five are auto-flowering and it introduced another four unique strains in early 2014. 

Let us look at some cannabis seeds by Vision Seeds.  


Northern Lights Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Northern Lights Auto is an auto flowering version of the legendary Northern Lights. This indica dominant strain with good medical value and amazingly fast flowering is based on the crossing between the original Northern Lights and a Mexican Ruderalis. 

The plant is medium sized. It reaches to 1 m tall and has high flower to leaf ratio. The flowering takes only 9 weeks from germination and the harvest brings decent yields of 400 gr/m2. 

The NL Auto helps with anxiety, migraines, PTSD and PMS. The strong, uplifting effect brings feeling of euphoria and happiness and deep relaxation. The taste is pungent with a sweet note. 

Reviews of Northern Lights Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

Nice stuff exceptionally smooth with great smell and taste ... Something for the daytime very sticky to the touch. I could have let her go longer but after 100 days It was time. She could have been done on time, but I screwed her up by taking away her cal-mag, once she bounced back, she was fine and grew to be a MONSTER!!! 

Took so much maltreatment for an auto and still produced beautiful little buds. 

AK-49 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

The AK-49 Auto is an auto flowering version of the original AK-49. This potent indica/sativa hybrid inherited all the best qualities of its outstanding parents.  

The plant demonstrates good stability and short flowering. It develops very resinous, compact buds coated with mass of shiny trichomes. The plant is easy to grow and suits for indoors, outdoors and greenhouses. The time from germination to harvest takes only 10 weeks.  

The AK-49 Auto is one of the most powerful auto fem strains with good productivity. It is recommended to use 10-liter pots to ensure much space for roots. 

The smoke provides pungent aroma and fresh, sweet taste with skunk notes. The effect brings a feeling of euphoria and happiness. It can be used for pain and stress relief.  

Reviews of AK-49 Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

nice smoke. I did not do too much with the plant and still got a great harvest. this auto strain is nice, and I will be growing this one again. if you have not grown out this auto, you should. she grows easy and fast. next you get good buds without too much effort. grab some seeds now!! 

Some of my favourite by far. It is so easy to grow and delivers such a punch once it has done. It grew just as I thought it would except plant #4 which was underexposed to the light, so it just did not grow much. 
Very Happy with this grow. I would suggest smoking this when you do not have much to do or at night because it packs a punch and makes you want to go crawl in your bed and pass out. Lol. She grew with no problems and finished on time like the breeder said she would. I plan to grow this strain again but in bulk. 

 Blueberry Bliss Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Blueberry Bliss Auto is an auto flowering hybrid that the result of the crossing between famous Blueberry, W.W., potent Super Skunk and a Ruderalis 

The plant develops twiggy structure and has compact size. It grows up to 80 cm. The time from seedlings to harvest takes about 10 weeks. The strain demonstrates amazing blue hues. It is easy to grow and suitable both for indoors and outdoors and for any growing system. 

The moderate levels of CBD and THC provides smooth uplifting effect and brings the feeling of euphoria. The strain has a medical value and helps to relieve daily stress and pain. 

Reviews of Blueberry Bliss Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

It got a little purple on the part of the plant that was closer on the UV 5watt diode from my Optic LED optic 2 of 205 watts on full power, full spectrum UV/IR of which I am happy. 100% recommended grow light. 

Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Amnesia Haze Auto is a well-balanced indica/sativa hybrid and an auto flowering version of the original Amnesia that one of the most useful Sativa dominant cannabis strains. 

This is a beautiful strain with unforgettable effect and high productivity. The flowering takes 11 weeks from germination.  

The harvest brings about 210 gr/m2 of fragrant, sweet buds. It is ideal for indoors, for soil, coco, or hydroponics systems. The plant also suits for outdoor growing in a warm, sunny climate. 

The high THC content of 18% provides a long-lasting and potent high. The effect brings feeling of euphoria and happiness. 

Reviews of Amnesia Haze Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

Grow was extremely easy for any who wants to take on an Auto flowering strain. Ive had no problems at all whatsoever with this plant. 

Buds smell amazing. Sweet, creamy and a hint of pine. 

Good high, medium potency, enjoyable smoke. 

 Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Northern Lights is an extremely popular strain due its great growing properties and potent narcotic high. This indica dominant strain contains 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics.  

The plant grows up to 1-1.3 m tall and produces a lot of resin. It has dense, compact buds and high flower to leaf ratio. The harvest comes after 9 weeks of the flowering indoors and in late September outdoors and brings good yields of 350-450 gr/m2. The plant is ideal for novice growers. 

The smoke brings pleasant feeling of euphoria and happiness and uplifting high. The indica effect provides deep relaxation of the body and mind.  

The Northern Lights is a good remedy for stress, concern, and depression.  

Reviews of Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

She grew so squat in veg with all her nodes super close. That old School NL taste.... Love it. 
Would recommend to any newbie growing there first plant. 

La Blanca Gold Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

La Blanca Gold is a feminized indica dominant plant that based on such outstanding genetics as Super Skunk, Great White, and Skunk #1. Such mix provides strong, beautiful plant with high THC content of 21%, good strength and great medical value. 

The golden, shiny, sticky resin covers the buds, leaves, and stems. The plant has bushy structure and grows up to 70-250 cm tall depending on condition.  

The flowering takes about 9 weeks indoors and brings good yields of 450-600 gr/m2. The plant also suits for outdoor growing, for soil and hydroponics systems. 

Reviews of La Blanca Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

The strain is a great medicine for muscle pains, stress and loosing of appetite. The smoke has sweet sugar taste and brings relaxation and light feeling of euphoria. 
If temperatures are good, it should be easy to grow. 

Lowryder Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Lowryder Auto is an auto flowering indica dominant strain that based on the crossing between Williams Wonder, N.L. No.2 and a Mexican Ruderalis. The result variety contains 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics. 

This tiny plant grows up just to 50 cm. The flowering period is about 10 weeks. The small strain does not need an exceptional care and brings good yields of ± 90 gr/m2.  

It is ideal choice for novice growers and for indoor cultivation. The strain inherited great stability, high potency, and amazing resin production. 

Reviews of Lowryder Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

The soft smoke offers relaxing, little euphoric effect. It is ideal remedy to stimulate appetite.  

Went as well as could be expected for a first soil grow.   

Super Skunk Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Super Skunk Auto is the auto flowering version of the powerful Super Skunk. This is an almost pure indica strain with strong, durable effect and great medical value. 

Super Skunk Auto is the beautiful, compact plant with strong, elegant structure. It grows up to 60-70 cm tall and brings yields of ± 140gr/m2.  

The plant demonstrates good growth without any additional care and nutrition. It is just recommended to allow much space for roots and to use 10-liter pots. It is ideal choice for beginners.  

The harvest comes after 9 weeks from seedlings and brings heavy crystal-coated buds. 
 The Super Skunk provides cerebral and stone-body high. It helps to relieve stress and pains and to stimulate appetite. The smoke brings a pleasant skunk taste. 

Reviews of Super Skunk Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

Grew well, did not like too strong doses of nutes but really did justice with the little it was getting! Would recommend these ladies. 

Shop now at for Vision Seeds cannabis seeds today.  


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