Working in the Cannabis Industry

Working in the Cannabis Industry


In this blog I can give you ideas and something to think about if you decide to work within the cannabis industry. I am a part of the Discount Cannabis Seeds team which I control the social media platforms, advertisements, blogs and the promotion of our offers on cannabis seeds. I find this job very rewarding as I get to voice my opinion on my blogs about different topics on cannabis and help others with information they are wanting to find out about.

I can give my opinions on marijuana subjects and I also have empathy for our customers who are suffering from medical conditions and turn to cannabis for relief or help. We are so much more than just an average cannabis seeds store and at Discount Cannabis Seeds we want to be involved with our customers this is why we are open 24/7 to suit all our customers whether they are from the UK or other countries we ship to and have many different ways of contact such as phone, email, webchat or on our social media sites if you either want to place an order or have any queries you need answering.

I also love our social media pages and want to spread the word around the world on why Discount Cannabis Seeds is the only cannabis seeds store you should chose, I am always improving ideas on how to engage our customers and want them to be a part of Discount Cannabis Seeds so I do competitions on which everyone can enter and win great freebies from top cannabis seed banks as I like to give back to our customers and everyone should be rewarded right?

Social media is also a great way to advertise with giveaways, special discount codes if you have been introduced to Discount Cannabis Seeds by social media website such as Instagram. I can find out when searching through my feeds what our customers want and what cannabis strains are trending right now which can be a huge influence on the offers what we provide for Discount Cannabis Seeds website.

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we thrive on being the cheapest online cannabis seeds store and compared to our competitors we have amazing prices so what better way to get involved with the cannabis community by voicing this to rest of the world. Everyone loves a bargain!

I always state if anyone reading my blogs have any questions which are not on our website or have any great ideas for future blogs which you would like to read about please don’t hesitate to contact me at Discount Cannabis Seeds and I will help you find the possible answers you are looking for.

DCS Affiliate Scheme - Discount Cannabis Seeds

If you were looking to work with one of the leading online cannabis seeds stores in the UK, then Discount Cannabis Seeds is the best choice for you.  We have a fantastic opportunity available to you and I would like to talk to you more about how this could be you working in partnership with Discount Cannabis Seeds. The Discount Cannabis Seeds Affiliate Scheme gives businesses the opportunity to benefit from our success and is an easy way for your website business to earn additional profit.

You simply display a Discount Cannabis Seeds logo, or a few words and a link on your site and for every sale that is generated from the link we’ll pay you a commission.

Our affiliate scheme is free to join, easy to set up and you start earning from the first sale. It’s as simple as that!

How does the scheme work?

  1. Sign up to the scheme using our online form, making sure to choose your Affiliate role, and telling us your website address
  2. We'll then have a look at your application, and if everything is ok, we'll approve it for you
  3. Please note our Affiliate Scheme is only available to established website businesses.
  4. We’ll then send you an email to confirm your application, along with instructions on where to get your links and logos to place on your website
  5. When a customer on your website clicks on the link, it will take them to the Discount Cannabis Seeds Homepage.
  6. When that customer then makes a purchase, you will earn commission from the sale.
  7. The customer activity, purchase, value and commission are recorded in our scheme software which you can view in your account.

Scheme Details

  • Sign Up: Free
  • Commission Basis: Paid on each sale
  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • Commission Paid: Monthly in arrears
  • Payment Method: Bank Transfer

If this sounds like something that would suit you then join today and start earning from just one link click. At Discount Cannabis Seeds we are very excited for anyone who wants to get involved with our cannabis seeds store and our great opportunities allow you to do this. From our website you will get an idea of how our company has grown to what it started from and you could add value to Discount Cannabis Seeds, so lets’ do it together and earn some money by being a part of our team.

I hope you have enjoyed your read about how I love working within the cannabis industry and if it is right for you to join us at Discount Cannabis Seeds with our affiliate scheme. Stayed tuned for our next cannabis blogs coming to you very soon.


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