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Sensi Seeds Review.

Do you love cannabis? Are you searching for reliable, award-winning cannabis seeds? Do you want rock-solid customer service? You are in the right place. Discount Cannabis Seeds is the place to be.

Sensi Seeds is a huge seed bank which offer many feminised, regular and auto flowering seeds which we sell at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Here is some more about Sensi Seeds.

Sensi Seeds is a legendary seed company founded by Ben Dronkers, which in 1975 began to cultivate medicinal marijuana. He travelled the world in search of the best cannabis. Such expeditions took him to places like the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush – all over Central and Southeast Asia.

His cross-breeding programs brought some of the newest and most ground breaking strains of marijuana to the world at large, and around this time he began to understand that the cannabis loving people of the Netherlands deserved to be able to enjoy the fruits of his works, just as much as he did.

In 1986, Sensi Seeds opened shop in Amsterdam and quickly became quite famous, offering not only incredible strains but also books on growing and breeding, equipment necessary to start growing.

Through years of experimentation and experience Sensi Seeds developed some of the most ground-breaking, powerful, and easy to grow hybrid cannabis plants the world has ever seen.

When it comes to the production, safe and discrete shipment, and incredible variety no other seed bank can even come close to what Sensi Seeds can do.

Sensi Seeds are sold widely across the globe and at Discount Cannabis Seeds we stock all Sensi Seeds weed seeds at the cheapest prices online.

In this blog I will talk to you about Sensi Seeds, photos of harvested cannabis plants, growing reports and reviews of Sensi Seeds.

Reviews of Sensi Seeds seedbank.

It is not the first time, I buy sensi seeds products, and I come back every time What can I say? I am glad and I hope, I will be gladdest more and more.

The best CBD product in the market!

Sensi seeds simply stands out as a leading example in the industry.
Large selection of top genetics and variety of strains.

I have recommended this wonderful company to a few friends and results have been shown for themselves - the genetics surprise and delight time and time again - I cannot wait till March 2021 - and beyond of course.

Sensi seeds simply stands out as a leading example in the industry.
Large selection of top genetics and variety of strains.

I am a big fan of Sensi Seeds they have great choice in their catalogue and great genetics.

I have been using this company for several years now and I am always very happy with both products and service. I would certainly use them again and happily recommend them.

I have bought 2 strains from Sensi seeds; Pure Power Plant (feminized) and Master Kush (also feminized) and I have been very satisfied with both purchases.

I have used Sensi Seeds many times and I have never had an issue. Brilliant products. Excellent and fast service and I have recommended them to friends many times who also have had an excellent experience.

With these great reviews of Sensi Seeds why not shop today at Discount Cannabis Seeds with the cheapest prices on weed seeds online.

Sensi Seeds Seed reviews.

Sensi Seeds Afghani #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Seeds Afghani #1 is the almost pure indica plant that contains 95% indica genetics. It has come from the mountains of Afghanistan. It is a great choice for indica fans who want to grow an Afghani plant of their dream.

The flowering time is 45-55 days, and the harvest brings the decent yields of heavy buds. The plant has a medium height and produces amazing amount of resin. It is easy to grow indoors. The strain also demonstrates good results outdoors in Mediterranean climate.

The smoke provides a lazy, dreamy experience and brings a body-stone high. It is a great remedy for relaxation that has a big medical potential. 

Afghani #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds. is a genuinely nice strain real old school taste makes you super relaxed and puts you out when you smoke enough. I will be running this strain again later in another line up. everyone should try this god father strain by sensi seeds. this is the old school weed your grandparents smoked but just did not tell you about it. it is a fast finishing strain 6-8 weeks, and you can have some nice buds to smoke with your friend or alone, this is a good night strain and is a great medicine to make the hurt go away.
Very mild smell, kushy tones all around. Smooth smoke that will put you out if you are not careful. Super munchies kicked in almost immediately, harvested at 100% milky triches. Still a put you down strain. Great for rest and relaxation.

Fattest buds I have grown so far. Huge difference between flower week 8 and 9. Worth the extra week.

Sensi Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Sensi Seeds American Dream Regular Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Seeds American Dream is an energetic, productive and stable creation of Sensi Seeds. It is a regular indica dominant plant that is the result of long tests, selections and continuous improvement. The strain contains 70% indica genetics and includes genetics of Afghanistan, Skunk #1, Jamaica and Hawaii.

The plant brings big yields with intensive SOG-style. It develops huge buds covered with sparkling trichomes. The strain grows up high and can reach the size of young fir tree. It is suitable for indoors, outdoors and greenhouses.

The smoke brings a stone-high and a pungent, earthy Skunk taste with fruity notes.

It was big pleasure to grow this strain from regular seeds first time in my life...) They didn't have enough light on veg coz am keep lamp to high/

There is only one girl from 4 seeds those I keep closer to lamp on flow stage and her buds become really massive just like on Sensi photos))

Flowering stage takes a lot of time (80 days), I took a lot of nutrients and in general glad to see a result)
Trip is very soft and measure high, good for daytime and evening film watching.

Sensi Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Sensi Seeds Black Domina Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Black Domina is an almost pure indica plant that based on the mix of the best indica genetics in the world. The genetics of Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani SA were crossed to create this crystal-coated hybrid.

The plant demonstrates an amazing appearance, fast flowering, a delicious taste. It suits both for masters and beginners. The plant develops dark-green leaves, a huge central cola. The female Domina will be a good mother plant. The harvest comes after 50 days of the blooming and brings large yields of resinous buds.

Black Domina Feminised Cannabis Seeds. provides a spicy pepper smell and the smoke brings a long-lasting effect of relaxation and sleepiness, therefore it is great for late nightly smoking.

This lady puts out! Big rock hard, hash smelling nugs. She was right on the money with an eight-week finish and for her 26" height yielded 240 grams of dry flower!

Finally got to try some last night. Had a very woodsy like smell and taste to it, but vaped pretty took roughly 5-10mminutes before it took some effect and it was kind of funny that 6 tokes and everything was tingling but all on my left side of my body head to toes. Emptied, refilled and vaped for 12 minutes and the rest of the body started to feel it. Slightly tingling throughout the body but very relaxed and slightly sleepy. Took about 20-30 minutes to pass out but then I was out for a good 5-6 hours of solid sleep. Yet another winner in my grow.

Very resistant for an outdoor grow, good branches. Many websites say that is an indoor plant, I coincide because she can stay small with a discrete smell.
Early vegetation is not one of the faster, but as continues it grows exponentially.
LST and topped her, and she responded well. Tendency to big colas, and 4 or 5 medium-big branches below each main cola, which have buds from bottom to top.
Very good ramification. Strong branches. Not a stinky one when outdoor, discrete smell.
Very short internodal space.... Still amazed.

Flavour is something I never tasted before, spicy incense that stays on palate and tongue when you exhalate the smoke.... Afghan flavour with earthy minty tones. One of the best.
High is psychoactive at first, so you can play music or watch a movie, but if you want to sleep you are going to sleep deeply. Later (2h) couch locker but clear headed and very relaxing.

Sensi Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Sensi Seeds Jack Herer Regular Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Seeds Jack Herer is an Indica/Sativa hybrid that the result of the combining famous genetics of Haze, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. The strain is a multiple winner, it took nine awards. Today Jack Herer is a recognised medical remedy and one of the most well-known variety all over the world.

The plant inherited tropical sativa high and a great indica resin production with high THC content of 20%. The mass of sparkling trichomes covers the buds as well as leaves.

Jack Herer Regular Cannabis Seeds has a several phenotypes. Indica plants demonstrate short blooming and compact buds.

The strain has a bitter aroma with notes of freshness and a sour, grassy taste. Jack Herer provides very potent cerebral sativa high and brings a long-lasting feeling of relaxation.

It also has a medical use for increasing appetite and removing pain.

Amazing genetics, this was a test of 12/12 from seeds.

Taste 9/10
Smell 9/10
Mould resistance 4/10

Resin 9/10
Growth vigour in veg 7/10
Stretch 150%
Flowering development was quite fast so overall score 9/10.

Sensi Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Skunk #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a famous strain, a Cannabis Cup winner, an indica dominant plant with a long history. It is a great producer of potent yields. The plant contains 65% indica and 35% sativa genetics. It is the result of 30 years of experiences.

The flowering period takes only 8 weeks. The plant demonstrates the great results indoors and in greenhouses. It has a mostly indica growth and structure and showcases energetic flowering. The plant develops strong stems and branches, dense huge buds and heavy colas.

Skunk #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds provides a soft effect that demonstrates a great balance of stone and high.

Some plants so far have given a moderate body buzz and light stone, and then some plants really sent me to the moon. Since I do not smoke too often when I do the effects are highly pronounced, it gave me the best case of munchies and was great for just watching something funny. Literally had me giggling so hard I thought I might die.

Skunk #1 a very nice strain!!nice trips not a coma strain. Taste cheese with euphoric mind.

Very nice taste, which is fruitier than I remember. The pain relief is great, and the high is great for midday and night-time. The smell is also fruitier than I recall.

Sensi Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Sensi Seeds Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Seeds Northern Lights is a legendary cannabis cup multi-winner. This is a feminised, almost pure indica plant. It is a standard for all other Indicas. The plant contains 90% indica genetics and produces a potent yield.

The indoor growing is the best, but the strain also suits for outdoors in a warm, sunny climate. The flowering takes 45-50 days, and the harvest brings big yields of solid fragrant buds coating of THC-rich trichomes. The plant demonstrates purple hues during blooming.

The smoke offers a pungent, sweet smells. The effect is a quite strong and psychoactive due high THC content. It brings a euphoria and a body relaxation. Northern Lights is a good remedy against a pain, sleeplessness and stress.

Very nice plants in growth, all seeds germinated, I would recommend this strain from sensi seeds anytime!
Built for indoor culture, perfect for a stealth grow with no strong odours. It will thrive well in a ScrOG , making compact and dense colas. As an Indica it does not stretch too much and is easy to keep under control. Flowering period is short, it will be ready to harvest in 60 days.

Proper old school flavour, extremely sweet and intense aroma typical to Afghan Indica’s. The effects suit with the genetics, heavy lazy sleepy sensations and deep couchlock feelings.

I loved to grow it; it was a dream coming in true. A strong and vigorous plant from the beginning to the end. No bugs, nothing could have stopped her. She was a monster, a kind and nice monster. I miss her. I will grow this strain again, old school flavour, no hermies, nothing.

Legendary for good reason! The effect was happy and euphoric with a zing... a vibration like a percussion instrument being played by an angel.

Good strain, quite easy to grow (not so resilient to mould). Nice liquorice taste and smell, not too strong. The stone is exceptionally smooth. Absolutely perfect strain to fall asleep peacefully!

Sensi Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Sensi Seeds Super Skunk Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Seeds Super Skunk Automatic is the auto flowering version of the original Super Skunk that was crossed with a Ruderalis to create this potent feminized hybrid. The strain inherited the stability and productivity of its famous parent.

The strain is ideal both for indoors, outdoors and greenhouses. The harvest brings decent yields of strong sparkling buds even in the hands of beginner growers. The plant demonstrates stable growth and structure.

The strain is short and compact while the cola is large and sticky calyxes are fat. The time from germination to harvest takes only 9 weeks.

The sweet, highly resinous buds provide a powerful effect that comes immediately and bring a body-stone high.

This grew way more than I thought it would, it stayed in veg longer than predicted. Overall, I was incredibly happy with this strain as a first grow.

Chill and focused high without any confusion or body sensation. Sweet and floral, not skunky. Nice in a joint and good for activities or getting things done. I was not around to try "old school weed" but I imagine it was something like this. Light dusting of crystal. Lots of small sugar leaves, so it is a lot of work to trim but the buds look nice after.
After almost three months of curing I urgently need to bump the rating to 9/10. It is unbelievable how this has improved. Both smell and taste have increased substantially, and the effect has become even better. It is now stronger on the head without being narcotic. And I never feel sleepy on the next day even when smoking a bit more. It is almost as great as the Shiva.

Sensi Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush Automatic is an auto flowering release of famous indica genetics. This is an easy-to-grow cannabis that inherits all the best from her parent including potency and stability.

The strain demonstrates fast flowering of 7-8 weeks. It develops a robust, bushy and quite compact structure. Hindu Kush Automatic is ideal for small spaces, SOG, ScrOG. The plant grows well both indoors and outdoors.

The smoke brings long-lasting stone-body high. Its soft calming effect is ideal for stress and pain relief. The aroma and taste contain earthy sweet notes with light touches of pine, sandalwood and incense.

Hindu Kush Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is really nice indica smoke, heavy and good for the body, this grew out really nice and the plant did what it was supposed to do, I made hash out of most of it, thanks sensi seeds, I made her into some hash and she was real smooth, before I knew it my lungs were full. this happened four times as the smoke was so smooth and you get really big hits, well got me pretty stoned and I must say again, thank you sensi seeds Get this now people this strain is great, flowers in just 56 days, and she can be yours, great smoke and makes good hash, I'll be running this again.

Excellent for the night consumption, feeling a deep relaxed while at the same time high! It is worth mentioning that this time around I never used any pest control sprays and fed her nutrients only when she needed them!

The high is on the body high of the spectrum, definitely good for using before going to sleep, relaxing the body muscles. She grew really well considering she is my first from seed to harvest experience. The growing was really easy and even under harsh conditions (check week 6 when she almost died on me). A tip for my future grows is to not make frequent selective defoliation and rather defoliate only at the beginning of flowering and maybe in the middle of flowering some more even more selective defoliation.

Sensi Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Sensi Seeds Sensi Skunk Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Seeds Sensi Skunk Automatic is a feminized auto-flowering version of original Sensi Skunk. The classic genetics of Sensi Skunk and an exceptional Ruderalis were crossed to create this outstanding auto fem skunk strain.

The plant develops a compact structure, short strong branches. It also demonstrates an energetic bud production. The strain shows good results both indoors and outdoors in warm climate. It is easy to grow even in hands of beginners. The time from seedlings to harvest is about 7-8 weeks.

Sensi Skunk Automatic inherited sweet, citrus aromas. The effect is extraordinarily strong.

An interesting journey with this one! We had a slow start in a small pot that needed to be transplanted with some backup soil. Starting out as the runt of the litter she has grown into an almighty plant that has been forgiving throughout. Just some TLC and cal-mag! The smell is herbal with citrus tones. An indica, with a pleasant body stone, no couch lock, no racing thoughts - just wonderful! Watch out for the munchies though! Last night I had the best meal of my life, tonight will probably be the same.

2 Variety that was a pleasure to grow.
2 different plants with high potential.
They are robust and it both gives off a wonderful smell.
As for the buds, they are very compact, I'm coming back in a few days to post some photos of the buds before joining their glass jars.

As usual this a very robust plant it forgives a lot of error. The I do not complain any mistakes made, I am happy with me no deficiencies not over or under watering and no parasite or other. I note this strain at 8/10 you can grow this strain with eyes closed. The buds are noticeably big, the biggest head is 24 grams this incredible, she takes my whole hand, only big buds that smell good and hyper strong. The buds are left drying for 1 week to 10 days and after they finish in their glass jars for curing.

Plant quite easy to cultivate, I recommend to beginners like me who wish to engage in the cultivation of cannabis. I think I have made mistakes like anyone who throws, the foot is very sturdy as you can see on the newspaper weeks after weeks. The quality of this variety is incredibly good, it has a great taste of anise and citrus with a beautiful smell orange zest of lemon and a back taste of candy. She makes you a good ride with a relaxing stone only downside, she is dry mouth. Aside from that she is excellent, she has a speed and passes in direct flow she does not wait to forget that it is an auto flowering.

Smoke effect is very relaxing and euphoric. Daydreaming or night sleep works both when using this stuff. However, in order to taste/smell and feel the real effect, I need to wait for the buds to get dry and cure for at least a week.

Looks - 9/10
Taste - 8/10
Smell - 8/10
High - 8/10
Overall - 8/10

Sensi Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Sensi Seeds Shiva Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Sensi Seeds Shiva Skunk is the most potent member of the Skunk family. It is an immensely powerful indica plant that is named in honour of the Hindu god Shiva. This strain combines a lot of different genotypes.  Northern Lights 5 and Skunk #1 are the parents of this amazing hybrid.

The plant grows up to 125 cm and can bring the yield of 500 gr/m2. It demonstrates a good stability and energetic growth. The legendary parents influence the structure, the potency and developing of heavy buds. The child demonstrates better results of yield and resin content than parents.

The resinous buds provide a thick smoke with a great creamy taste. The potent effect influences a body and a mind.  The high can be different: red-eyes, giggly, or deeply meditative, or even brings an energy.

The Shiva Skunk smokes delightful, it has a clear body effect, but not too strong. The head-feeling is happy and creative. The aroma and taste are mildly sweet and musky with a hint of lemon in it. A VERY NICE SMOKE!

One of my favourite strains. It’s an easy game to grow with a proper Indica flowering period that will be ready in 56-60 days or more longer if you want some more heavy stoned feelings.

The flavour is unique, it is sweet and flowery, like Jasmine hint. The effect is a proper Indica effect, good lazy feelings where you can get proud of doing nothing.

This strain is amazing, the flavour is fantastic, very fruity, sweety and flowery, it is such a beautiful taste. I strongly recommend for peoples who enjoys sweet flavours. The smoke provides a heavy stone effect, making you feel lazy .... so lazy that you get proud of doing nothing.

Sensi Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

With all these great strains from Sensi Seeds, at Discount Cannabis Seeds we stock many more of these incredible weed seeds by Sensi Seeds.

Head over to our cannabis seeds store and buy yours today!

Thank you for reading.


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